09 February 2011

Goal 7 - Play and Have Fun! #30Goals

Short-term Goal - Observe a child not in school play for at least 5 minutes. Notice how the child learns before the influence of school. Find a way to incorporate play, fun, and movement into a lesson this week. Ditch the worksheet! Also, reflect on how to integrate play that supports learning.

Long-term Goal - Think about limiting the amount of textbook work and worksheets used in class. Using less paper is environmentally friendly as well as offers the opportunities for students to move around and have fun with the learning. Try integrating fun and play into one lesson a week regularly.

* * *

Incorporating play, fun and movement into a lesson for adults is going to be a real challenge! I guess I could play musical chairs between computer workstations but I honestly don't think there's much to be gained by doing that. I try to make my classes interesting but I stuggle with the fun bit when I'm trying to teach effective web searching, browser use or email. Emailing each other fun images discovered on the web is about as good as it gets!

I thought I'd ask my teacher-students how they bring fun into the classroom :

And then I asked educators on Twitter:

Here's one of the fun activities I came up with - words added by Teacher Vajira during our Image Editing class:


  1. Truly collaborative! Love the ideas of your teacher-students! Did they have fun using the Linolit? Seems like they did!

  2. Hi Shelly! Yes, the loved it. They liked the idea that their thoughts were being shared outside the classroom - and in fact with the whole world!